Jitsu Programmer's Guide

1. Overview

A mile-high look at the Jitsu Developers Kit and the Jitsu Runtime.

2. The Jitsu Approach

Looks in more detail at the page compilation process, and the runtime model.

3. Projects

Describes the Jitsu project system and and shows how to setup and build a basic project.

4. Pages and Controls

Writing pages and using controls.

5. Data Language

Defining new data types and instances, using the Jitsu Xml data language.

6. Active Datasets

Connecting Jitsu user interaces to dynamic datasets, such as databases.

7. Binding Expressions

How to write databinding expressions in your markup.

8. Extending Controls in Markup

How to create reusable controls, and extend existing ones.

9. JavaScript

Details on Jitsu's JavaScript enhancements.

10. Optimizing

How to make your pages run faster.

11. Drag and Drop

Notes on the Drag-and-drop API.

12. The Back Button

Supporting the Back Button and History.


Terms and definitions used in this documentation.