Jitsu includes a powerful templated list control, where you define presentation of items in the list using a template.

The List control also supports data binding. For an explanation of building a simple databound list, see Binding Lists .

Heterogenous List

Many of the Quick Tours show lists which use a single template to define how each item is presented. This works well for lists with homogeneous information, but for presenting heterogeneous items such as search results, you often want to show a different appearance for each item.

For this, the List control provides a template map , which allows you to specify a collection of templates, one for each object type you expect to present. The list then chooses the appropriate template for each object, and renders it appropriately.

If you examine the markup for the list above, you'll see that the last List control has a collection of templates assigned to it. Each template has on it a matchType property, which is the name of the type of the object. The list of data items that are set in this list are of different types, including a string of text.

TODO: add the ability to select the template based on a JavaScript expression that looks at instance properties.