Jitsu Roadmap

June 2006

Early Access Release: We are releasing Jitsu in June to generate feedback from the community. At this stage, Jitsu is still too unstable for use in a serious project. However, there is plenty of material to enable developers to evaluate it and give it a spin.

We are particularly interested in feedback about syntax, choice of tag names, missing features, performance, cross-browser issues, scripting, integration with other frameworks, as well as overall understandability and complexity.

December 2006

Beta Release: We plan to have a beta release of Jitsu by the end of the year. The Beta release should be stable enough to support application development.

We are working on a number of improvements and fixes for the beta. We welcome feedback and suggestions on this list:

March 2007

v1.0 Release: Our main goal with the v1.0 release is to create a stable, documented and efficient platform. Areas we are working on include: